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Background checks for home health care workers are necessary because home health care workers are expected to be respectable, professional, and trustworthy when entering the home of someone who is unable to care for themselves.

It is imperative in this day and age to conduct background checks on home health care workers due to their expanding responsibilities of patient care and safety. Because of the level of trust normally instilled in people who enter the homes of others, these types of background checks must be completed a certain way. Interestingly enough, not all states do in fact require these checks to be conducted.

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If this practice were to be adopted by the more than 33, home health care agencies in the United States today, we may see supposedly qualified individuals with burglary, theft, domestic violence, and other assault related charges that may currently be going unnoticed. Unfortunately, we see more cases of the elderly being abused by those who are meant to care for them. Utilizing these background checks will help prevent such abuse from occurring in the future. With more than 12 million people in our society needing some form of home health care today, more and more non-licensed personnel are being recruited to become Home Health Aides.

The main responsibility of a home health aide is to help the elderly or disabled with day to day tasks in their home rather than living in a nursing home or health care facility.

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Background checks for home health aides, in addition to those conducted on licensed medical professionals, are an important factor to be taken into consideration in the hiring process. With companies searching for more cost-efficient ways to provide simple care for their patients, we are beginning to see a rise in the need for non-licensed individuals in many home health care agencies. Due to this incline, it is imperative to conduct a background check on non-licensed individuals as well as licensed individuals to get a better understanding of their character.

Because safety is always the number one concern, all home health care employees should undergo a background screening. Listed below are a few examples of medical professionals who commonly travel to the homes of patients:.

While there are no federal guidelines for home health care background checks, the requirements vary by the state. Below we have compiled a list of searches we recommend you take into consideration. We are real live investigators who are experienced in searching and collecting the correct data per individual.

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Screening laws are, for the most part, required in the U. Some though consider it a highly controversial practice from a privacy standpoint. Even though not all states require a background investigation, it is becoming a widespread to conduct screening checks for workers in healthcare or nursing home facilities.

New federal healthcare laws now require background screening in all 50 states. Background checks even play a crucial role in determining if an applicant can be trusted. In fact, healthcare screening is purposely designed to serve this purpose.


90% of Long-term Care Organizations Employ Individuals with Criminal Convictions

Also, periodic criminal checks occur and tend to be a good idea for those in long-term positions where they have contact with patients. The BCC electronic system gathers information from a variety of sources and makes the information available through a single portal - the BCC.

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It retrieves information from:. The BCC Helpline phone number is Providers can call this number for help with questions regarding the BCC. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation.