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It also shows a detailed break up of the activities they spend most of their time on. Employees can see what they achieved last week and what goals they are close to achieving. This report can reduce time spent on productivity meetings and even eliminate the need for them. Employees can learn where they waste most of the times and where they are most efficient. Managers need to spend less time on managing their employees and more time on moving company processes forward.

The Team dashboard provides detailed information about your team productivity and how they are spending their time during work hours. Is your marketing team spending more time on excel sheets than email? You get insights on where your team members are using time inefficiently, and what work processes are unnecessary. You can find out what hours your employees are the most productive. This can help you find the perfect time to schedule meetings. The dashboard also allows you to create team goals to help motivate your employees and keep them on track.

Despite installing a time tracking software on their PC, most employees find another way to procrastinate. They might spend longer time browsing distracting websites or playing games on their phone. The Android app is free to use and can be integrated with the PC version.

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The app reports your voice call time, tracks website and app usage. You can also set goals for yourself through the app. RescueTime is an easy to install time management software. It takes only 60 seconds to get started. Once you set it up the tool will give you an accurate picture of your time and helps your team stay focused and productive, with minimal effort within minutes.

The installable portion of RescueTime is small and lightweight and is easy to uninstall should you choose to do so. You can choose between the free or premium version. You can also select the free version first and upgrade it to premium later. You can choose which 3 activities are productive and distracting for your organization from the option list.

Note : The activity list has limited options which are the same for productive activities and distracting activities. You can specify at what times you want the software to track your activities to prevent collecting employee internet usage after work hours. After setting up the software, the website prompts you download the Android App along with the browser plugin.

These additional trackers can be useful for a comprehensive coverage. Most employees are unhappy with time tracking and monitoring tools that secretly collect information from their browser. They are afraid that access to browser data can be a risk to their security.

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Not to mention, these tools gather website usage information without their consent! Acknowledging this fact, RescueTime has designed their system to be less intrusive and secure for employees. You can choose to limit what RescueTime collects by turning off window title collection, and turning off full URL collection. For example, you can choose whether the software collects www. The software refuses to spy on sensitive user information such as emails, password, bank account information.

Instead, RescueTime idle time detection activates to prevent inactivity. Employees can choose what times and days the software can run on their system. They also have control over data recording for 15 minutes, an hour or even a day. RescueTime encourages its users to have a discussion with their team members before installing the app. An open discussion can improve employee trust and your team can reap the many benefits of the software. Using RescueTime can not only identify employees who are overworking or underutilized, you can also gauge employees who are unmotivated.

Instead of using KPIs by the book, at Adeva, we started scheduling short meetings with the developers we are evaluating, listening closely what problems they are facing with. We are also asking them how helpful and knowledgeable the rest of the team members are to identify the team performance in general. We also encourage them to think about their productivity and efficiency and come up with ideas that could help themselves as well as the other team members. To give you some context, I run two tech businesses in the UK, and though measuring effectiveness is critical for both, the way I approach this for each business is very different.

One company develops web and mobile apps for its customers. As most clients expect us to agree to deliver a product at a fixed cost, this means that we usually have to define a clear, unambiguous specification right at the start. Productivity is measured regarding development hours, and we use tools such as Toggl and Jira to meticulously track this on a daily basis.

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A project is a success if the customer is satisfied, and we deliver on or under the quoted number of development hours. If a project does go over, then we measure this regarding the opportunity cost of not being able to spend that time on other paying projects — which works out to be very expensive.

Though other metrics exist, such as lines of code used, code quality, the number of tests passed, or the number of external libraries imported, none matter if the project goes over-budget, as even small over-runs can consume the entire profit margin. The second business is product based, meaning the success of the company is not tied directly to the time features take to develop.

With this business, we can work agile. We still record time and get developers to estimate hours to hold the team accountable, but you have to be careful treating developers like machines. A shift in frame of mind can be the difference between fixing a bug in five minutes, and being stuck on it for days. In this environment you stand to lose a lot more by management, myself or the other directors, making a poor decision.

For example, if we develop a feature that the client does not want, then we could waste months of development time with one bad decision. This has a much larger impact on the business when compared to a developer taking slightly longer.

In this environment we follow the build, measure, learn approach proposed by Eric Ries in his book The Lean Startup. We focus more on marketing metrics such as conversion rate, user behaviors, or customer feedback scores. In working agile, there is more autonomy on the team to make decisions throughout the development process, and strategic decisions are made and tested on a daily basis.

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She has also developed a 4-week online class targeted at empowering individuals to be more productive and effective, delivering a higher volume of value-based activities. These will all differ business to business and application to application. You can create a weighted ranking for these four criteria, or you can create a numbering system for each that will allow you to sort and filter the different options you are looking at.

When looking for software that is aimed to increase automation or efficiency, I recommend the following features:. Badger is a sales routing software that helps field salespeople be more successful. Consulting firms will tend to measure efficiency and productivity per project more quantitatively since every hour will be billable. Software product companies might not be able to measure efficiency and productivity as easily, so different project management methodologies can help.

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Velocity is basically how much work a team can do in a period, and over time can become a good average for measuring how efficient or productive a team is. With that said, any single metric will never perfectly reflect reality, so at best they are an estimate instead of a perfect measure. A better measure of software development efficiency and productivity is simply to look at how well the business goals are being met. Instead of counting hours or trying to squeeze every last drop from a single hour, you can instead look at how the software development efforts contribute to meeting the overall business goals.