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Dial the number you wish to call if number is in the US simply dial 1 area code and phone number and press send. If you are traveling outside the U. To receive a call the phone must be powered on and satellite antenna raised and when it rings simply press send and answer. Can you transmit data or access the internet?

Yes, with a data kit which includes a cable and CD you can simply plug your phone into your PC load the software and your surfing the net or checking email at 9. Is the Globalstar phone compatible with a Mac? Yes you may need a USB to serial adapter. Will there be voice delay with Globalstar phone? There is no voice delay.

The voice quality is equal or better than most cellular phones. Will my phone work indoors, in my car, or on any boat? Using the hand held phone inside a building, car, or boat requires an external antenna. What will be my Globalstar phone number? You will receive a U. Will the Globalstar phone work when all cellular and landline phones stop working? Yes, the Globalstar phone will work even when the local telephone infrastructure is disrupted. Can I use the cellular portion of the Globalstar phone?

The compatible cellular providers are no longer able to activate the cellular portion of the Globalstar phone. How does the Globalstar phone work? Does GlobalCom rent the Globalstar phone? How much do Globalstar Phones cost to purchase? How much does the Globalstar Service cost when you purchase a phone? Do Globalstar satellite phones work just like cell phones? Globalstar satellite phones offer many of the same characteristics as cellular phones, including a similar user interface and design.

One of the main differences between satellite and cell phones is that the user must put up a larger satellite antenna in order to receive satellite signals. Globalstar features one of the smallest and lightest handsets in the satellite industry. Satellite phones are slightly larger in size than cellular phones because the antenna system required to communicate on the satellite frequencies must be larger than a cellular phone antenna.

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Another fundamental difference between traditional wireless phones and Globalstar satellite phones, is that when the phone is in satellite mode, as with all satellite mobile handheld phones, it must be within satellite line-of-sight in order to complete calls. Therefore the mobile handset cannot be used indoors without an external antenna. If satellite phone services are required indoors, Globalstar offers two options.

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Either can be used indoors in satellite mode as they have external remote antennas to create line of sight with the Globalstar Satellite Network. If I need a phone to work in a building which product do I use? We recommend one of the Globalstar fixed site phones which will give you an external antenna and will allow you to use a standard off the shelf desk top or cordless phone. What is the size of the hand held Globalstar GSP ? When is the Globalstar service available?

The Globalstar service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The service is always on and always ready. Do I need to do anything concerning the phone when traveling outside the U. Simply follow the instructions. If are traveling outside the U. Can I send a short text message to a Globalstar phone?

Yes you can send a message to the phone for FREE no charge to the person sending the message and no charge to the user of the Globalstar phone.

How do satellite phones work?

How long does it take to receive a working phone? Under normal conditions you can receive a working phone in 24 hours. If you have anymore questions, please email us at hp globalcom-usa. Will the Iridium phone work everywhere? Iridium has planetary coverage including the oceans and poles.

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Do I pay long distance when using my Iridium phone? Can you transmit data or get on the Internet? Yes with the optional data kit you can attach the satellite to your PC allowing you to browse the Internet or check email at a native speed of 2. Is the Iridium phone compatible with a Macintosh computer? No it is currently only compatible with PC applications.

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Will my Iridium phone work indoors? It is unlikely to function properly without an external antenna due to the fact that a satellite phone must have line of site to the satellites to establish a signal. Alfred -- as I understand it, there's not much difference between the two in terms of traceability. They both use GMR, although aimed at different satellites. Thuraya are known to actually transmit their location ie a message that you can listen to, that describes exactly where the source is ; that's a lot easier than trying to triangulate on a signal.

How Satellite Phones Work

But I suspect the Thuraya flaws get more publicity just because they were so egregious. No-one is going to say that an Inmarsat phone is untraceable -- you're a big, anomalous radio signal either way. Hi, I posted this yesterday, but it appears to have not made it through moderation, so in case it was spammed or deleted I'm posting my comment again! This was sent in reply to Frank Smyth directly, but I'm realizing it makes sense to publish here also:.

Part 1: How Does Satellite Work to Track Mobile Phone Location

RF triangulation generally involves multiple RF receivers making something of a "best guess" distinction for targeting-of course some technology is better than others. Jacob Appelbaum is a very smart guy, but something of a security ultra shall we say, someone who generally believes that we should suspect the worst. He is correct, however worst-case paranoia serves primarily to paralyze rather than to inform. The assertion by "Anonymous" that "It is very likely that the GPS location data is transmitted by the sat phone in the clear," should be recognized by any journalist as, A.

Do you want to be the guy telling the smartest guy in the room that, while his assertion may be true, its not necessarily relevant? The bigger issue I'd like to see discussed out of this is how can journalists, their news agencies and their advocacy organizations assist them to obtain the very necessary tools to communicate in the field WITHOUT the dependence on local citizens, opposition activists, irregular combatants, or otherwise.

Certainly this is a bit of wishful thinking, but how many correspondents recognized the need to circumvent observation by the US military while in Iraq or Afghanistan? Its a different need, but its going to be difficult to continue telling the story of irregular warfare if we can't come up with better means to protect ourselves while getting the story out.

source link Journalists who regularly cover violence are considered a hard-boiled bunch. But a year ago this month, even the toughest were crying. There was no emotional body armor to deflect the horror of the beheading videos of freelancers James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and other Westerners held hostage in Syria by It started as a street protest against President Bashar al-Assad. Ordinary citizens took out their smart phones to record the demonstrations that quickly spread. Four years and , dead later, the Syrian civil war is still raging, although the numbers of 'citizen' and professional journalists on hand to document For the third year in a row, Syria ranks as the deadliest country in the world for the press, research by the Committee to Protect Journalists shows.

At first glance, the research offers good news: less journalists were killed, imprisoned and kidnapped this year in Syria than in At any given time over the past two years, as wars raged in Libya and then Syria, and as other conflicts ground on in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, a number of journalists have been held captive by a diverse array of forces, from militants and rebels to criminals