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Her resume is impressive, education and employment history are exceptional, and personality and skills are the perfect fit for your company culture. She almost seems too good to be true -- and she just might be.

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Some applicants lie, embellish facts or hide their true histories to land the job. According to a survey by HR. Failing to do so can be detrimental to your company. There are many services that run background checks on potential employees, but what actually happens during the background check process? There are many types of reports you can select to verify your potential employees. Typically, employers start with employment background checks, which are relatively extensive. If you find any red flags in your initial check, you can then decide whether you want to order more specific reports.

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According to GoodHire , the most common types of background checks, in addition to employment background checks, include:. The type of position for which you are hiring impacts the type of background checks you can and should run.

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More information on your responsibilities as an employer can be found here. While you can, and should, certainly conduct your own research on a job candidate through search engines and social media websites, this information alone is not a substitute for a proper background check. An employer can call each reference an applicant has listed and ask questions about the applicant's performance, competency, and salary.

Employers might need to use a translation service if the reference doesn't speak the same language as the employer. As with international criminal records, getting an international credit report can be tricky. Each country has its own way of reporting credit , debt, and responsibility. On top of that, many countries have privacy laws about who can look at credit reports. Employers will have to contact each credit reporting agency in order to determine whether or not employers can access this information.

Running an international background check is no easy feat as each country has its own set of laws about background checks and how they can be carried out. Since there isn't a defined process organizations can go through to complete an international background check, it will take a lot of time, patience, and digging to get a full background check on an individual who has lived abroad.

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Why Run an International Background Check? What's Included in an International Background Check? Criminal records Each country has varying laws about the type of criminal records that are available and who is allowed to access them.

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Many people believe that the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducts background checks on behalf of companies or private citizens, but this is not true. Luckily, at Global Verification Network, we do run international background checks for organizations and individuals.

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Global Verification Network is a consumer-reporting agency with 65 years of combined experience. We assist a diverse range of industries — from human resource professionals to health care organizations in need of quick, accurate and scalable screening solutions. For more information about our process, contact us today for a quote. Skip to main content. Client Login.

October Start a Background Check Today! Elements of an International Background Check The information included in such a background check depends on several factors: First, it will depend on the type of background check you order. Like domestic background checks, international checks might include: Verification of education. Ordering Background Checks Many people believe that the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducts background checks on behalf of companies or private citizens, but this is not true. Why Global Verification Network? Contact Us Submitted by admin on Mon, Bottom Body:.

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