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This will automatically open a new tab and redirect you to Orkut.

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Step 3 : In case you are already logged in to your Orkut account, you will be presesnted with a "Are you human" verification after which you will see a popup that asks you to download your Orkut contact list in CSV format. If you are not logged in then after you do, you will be redirected to the "Are you Human" verification and the same will continue as above. Step 4 : Save the contacts file and upload the same to the upload area at the Orkut Friend Finder page.

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If Facebook finds any new Orkut friends whom you can add on Facebook, then you will be suitably notified as shown below. Your Orkut friends on Facebook search results! Instead, young people took a liking to it in unexpected markets such as Brazil, Estonia, India and Pakistan. In Brazil, almost every internet subscriber was using Orkut easily pronounced as or-KOO-chee in Portuguese within two years of its launch.

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It remained the dominant social network there until June when Facebook took the lead. What drove youngsters in Brazil and India to Orkut instead of Facebook has remained a subject of debate for years. But there could be socio-economic reasons for it, says Danah Boyd, a technology scholar. Facebook started off from Harvard as an invitation-only network and quickly became a necessity for students in Ivy League universities.

When it spread among high school kids, a similar dynamic played out. That is precisely what happened in Brazil and India. Affinity Engines, the company he had co-founded with his friend Ziemann, filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming Buyukkokten had used same source code for Orkut that he built for InCircle, the network for college alumni.

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  • The matter was eventually sorted out in an out-of-court settlement. Lawsuits happens all the time in the US without any valid reason. Buyukkokten left Google in and two years later launched a new social network called Hello.

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    Over the years, Buyukkokten says, he has seen the social media landscape morph into something where people often feel miserable. We have a generation that is just looking at their feeds and pictures and everyone feel they can never do enough. Hello, which at the moment has been introduced in few markets, encourages to interact around similarities such as a common neighbourhood, school and interest, he says.

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    Connect with your existing Orkut Friends on Facebook

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