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Provides income eligible individuals with liability insurance protection at affordable rates as a way to meet California's financial responsibility laws. Provides referrals for affordable liability insurance to those who qualify. Records and maintains custody of certain real estate records.

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Issues marriage licenses and files fictitious business names. Also maintains and issues certified copies of births, deaths, and marriages. Maintains California birth, death, fetal death, still birth, marriage and divorce records.

Kings County, California Records

Foster Care: meet the medical, dental, mental, and developmental health need Offers filing of bonds and oaths by persons authorized to act in the capacity of notary public or with power of attorney, maintenance of registries of business licenses for businesses operating within unincorporated areas, humane officers, process servers and professional photocopiers, issuance of marriage licenses, appointment of marriage commissi Registers current birth and death events in the County and issues certified or informational only copies of records of birth or death which took place in San Mateo County from to current year.

Copies of birth and death records prior to must be obtained from the County Clerk - Recorder's office. Issues permits for disposition of human rem Provides birth and death certificates for events occurring within the last 12 months. Also issues burial permits and medical marijuana identification cards. For certificates older than one year, or for marriage licenses, contact the Napa County Recorder-County Clerk's office.

Maintains a permanent public record of documents related to the ownership and encumbrance o real property located in Marin County. Also provides certified copies of birth and death certificates for events occurring in the county and public marriage license issued by Marin County.

Note: copies of certificate of birth or death events occurred less tha Handles birth and death records which are older than 3 years old and back to , which have occurred within the legal limits of City and County of San Francisco. Provides copies of birth and death certificates which have occurred in Marin County during the previous and current year.

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We're gonna change that. We got your record. Thrown off your wagon team in Cheyenne? We got your record too. Coming soon Over the same records set?

After they lost to us last time? Litigation in progress! Case filed April 17, Of course, it helps if the city refuses to return your e-mails and calls until you take them to court. Washington PRA request filed with Dept. Well, they forgot one of them. But we didn't!

Microfilms being digitally scanned right now. Fight back.

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Read about our pilot project that started it all. Read More New Jersey Marriage Index, We acquired and published the first-ever data set of everyone married in the Garden State Legal wrangling, but no litigation needed! We fixed that. Then they decided to ignore the state Sunshine Law altogether.

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Case filed November 23, We were the first to publish this often-overlooked resource online. Read More. See more of our presentations, slides, videos, and webinars.

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Nothing gets under the skin of government bureaucracy or large-scale genealogy corporations quite like Reclaim the Records, a group of genealogists-turned-activists who file Freedom of Information and Open Data requests to make government records published… Their dedication and endurance in filing lawsuits and cutting through red tape benefits us all. Most researchers in genealogy are not professionals; they are simply the curious family members, the designated relatives for keeping the family history. Take our Records Survey and tell us about them!

Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is We Want Our Records Back.

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And we get them! More than twenty five million records reclaimed to date. Help us reclaim even more.