Little league controversy volunteer background check

For instance, if a person consistently volunteers at practices that person must complete a background check. If a potential volunteer appears on the National Sex Offender Registry, the league must contact the Security Manager at Little League International prior to appointing the volunteer to participate in any capacity in the league. Call ; and ask to speak with the Security Manager. Their friends are there. They come because the staff and programs.

Background Checks for Little League® Volunteers

Realizing as an adult that officials who ran the institution they loved as children failed to protect them from abuse is difficult to come to terms with for many, Amala said. Since , local clubs have been required to report any safety incident, including child sex abuse, to the national organization, Miller said. For 50 years, Miller said every local organization has had the responsibility to report abuse to law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

All six cases of alleged failures to report abuse to authorities occurred in the last 50 years. His son, Jeffrey Starcher, and a swim coach at the club also knew of the abuse, the lawsuit alleges. Attorneys representing the club in the pending civil case have denied wrongdoing by the organization. The civil suit was filed shortly after Kilgore was criminally convicted of six counts of sexual abuse of a minor for abuse that occurred in the s and s.

Club leadership and its executive board learned through an internal investigation that Kilgore slept naked in a bed with children on an overnight trip in , but no one reported the abuse to police, the lawsuit claims. In some civil cases, attorneys alleged that warning signs, such as grooming behaviors, spending inappropriate time alone with children, and adults not respecting boundaries with children were ignored by club employees, creating the opportunity for abuse.

He molested a boy at that club sleepover in , criminal documents say. Hernandez was convicted of two counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor and sentenced to six years in prison for the abuse. A program manager at the Lester H.

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Lauderdale, Florida, knew year-old employee Khalon Booker hugged and kissed an year-old girl at the club, according to civil court filings. Booker was later convicted of sexually assaulting the girl multiple times during the same time period the hugging and kissing was reported. Because there was no evidence that Booker committed any abuse at the clubhouse, the suit was dismissed, according to an attorney representing the club.


Violent felonies, convictions of any charges related to harming a child, and, depending on the job, any convictions around theft or embezzlement are disqualifiers. Sims was later convicted of sexually assaulting a year-old and an year-old at the club in Bedoya was convicted of eight counts of predatory criminal sexual assault on Aug. A pending lawsuit claims Bedoya sexually abused a child from the club in his vehicle in Share This Article.

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Background Checks

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