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If you have a sexual assault examination, it should be done before showering. Ask for blood and urine samples to be taken if you suspect you may have been drugged, and keep any clothing you were wearing at the time of the assault. Medical staff will preserve evidence and will not call the police without your permission. The Program is confidential and staff are trained to collect evidence that can be used in court, with your consent. It is completely your choice whether or not the examiner releases the results of the exam to the police. You do not need to rush to a decision, and can request that the results be held by the hospital for a period of time and not released to the police.

You may wish to communicate with a support organization before making a police report.

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If you choose, you may have a support person accompany you when you are meeting with police officers or other agencies. Your support person may be a friend or relative or a professional support worker. Officers compile the results of their investigation into an evidence disclosure package. Charges will be recommended to Crown Counsel if there is enough evidence to support it.

Things like translations, the transcription of interviews, and the processing and analysis of evidence can sometimes delay this step by several months. Once the disclosure package is complete, it is forwarded to the Provincial Prosecution Service Regional Crown Counsel, who will lay the charge if the package meets their criteria.

If charges are not recommended, you will be advised and have any of your questions answered. Your case can take several months, or years, to make its way through the court process.

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You will continue to be supported during this time and can contact the investigator at any time. It is designed to provide a more holistic and collaborative response to supporting child and youth victims and their families. Battered Women's Support Services or toll free 1 Email: information bwss.

Kids Help Phone 1 Email: bc kidshelpphone. Ministry of Children and Family Development 1 Email: mcf. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1 Be Date Safe and find out how you can increase your safety and reduce your chances of meeting someone very different than you were expecting. The Sex Crimes Unit works closely with community partners to bring awareness and education to the public.

Sex Crimes Unit What is a sexual assault? What is the definition of consent? What to Expect When Making a Police Report When you first call police, a civilian call-taker will ask you for some basic information, and a police officer on patrol will be assigned to investigate. An officer, usually in uniform, will meet with you in person and ask you basic details of what happened to you.

With your permission, the officer will call an ambulance to transport you to a hospital. Depending on the nature of the sexual assault, you may be asked to have a sexual assault examination at the hospital, given by a trained doctor or nurse. The exam will help preserve DNA evidence that could assist with the investigation. To preserve DNA evidence, the officers may ask you to provide the clothing that you were wearing at the time of the assault. You will be asked to come to the police station to provide details of what happened, which will be recorded.

Tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook use software to scan images for child pornography, programs to check keywords in searches and in-house investigators to flag illegal content. In , a change in a piece of federal legislation gave investigators nearly unfettered access to the subscriber records of internet service providers, said Hanlon. All they had to do was ask telecom companies for the name and address associated with an IP, and most were happy to comply. That changed in , when a Supreme Court of Canada decision determined that police had to have a search warrant to ask for names and addresses.

This makes investigations more challenging, as police can wait up to a month to get a search warrant in their hands.

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High-risk sex offender released into Surrey – Surrey Now-Leader

There are many ways that online child exploitation cases can unfold. In the high-profile case of B. She was just 12 at the time, but that single moment of vulnerability would continue to torment the teen when the photos were widely distributed. She moved multiple times to new schools, but the images followed her online.

A month before her death, she decided to tell the world about her "never-ending story. This stalker demanded more pictures. Eventually, she learned through a nighttime visit from police, her pictures had been released online. The online bullying followed her into real life, and she could not escape no matter how far she tried to run.

What is a sexual assault?

The Dutch man accused in her case, Aydin Coban , has been charged with child pornography and child luring and is awaiting extradition to Canada. Carol Todd, Amanda's mother, said the problem of online child exploitation has only grown since her daughter was targeted more than eight years ago. She urged parents to speak with and educate their children on the dangers of using the internet — particularly as apps and online games, often equipped with chat functions, target ever younger audiences.

It's about teaching your child who you talk to, do you know that person.

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If that person starts asking you questions that make you uncomfortable, what should you do? The perception that police alone can't protect the community has caused vigilante groups to step in. Chilliwack, B. Andre Bell, a director with the group, said they pose as children or teens, collect chat logs from suspected child predators, then film those who show up to meet in person. The problem is not so much that police don't care. It's more that they can't keep up or, in most jurisdictions, don't have a good grasp on the size of the problem because they haven't been keeping track.

One exception is B.

Where can I find a list of any nearby sex offenders?

The RCMP, which leads the team, approved interviews with investigators on the condition they would not be named. One of them, an RCMP investigator with the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, said the purpose behind capturing the numbers was to help influence public policy, providing decision makers with a full picture of the amount of child exploitation happening in the province. After the B.

RCMP started tracking all peer-to-peer file-sharing cases in , its child pornography data exploded. That's reflected in Statistics Canada data, which show the number of child pornography cases in B.

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  7. The numbers fluctuate in other provinces from year to year, but none have anywhere near the increase seen in B. For example, in Ontario, which has three times the population of B.

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