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The System is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please check again later. Search Property Records Overview Montgomery County's online database of real estate assessment and property information allows searches by owner name, parcel ID or address. Basic information available includes tax map number, owner's name and address, legal description, land size, current assessment and residential property sketches.

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State: Loading data Learn More opens in a new tab Demo Videos opens in a new tab Register for Webinars opens in a new tab 'Like' us on Facebook opens in a new tab Follow us on Twitter opens in a new tab Connect with us on LinkedIn opens in a new tab. Announcements Loading The Planning Grant provides financial resources for jurisdictions to hire professional assistance to create a plan for neighborhood redevelopment in strategic target areas.

Specific activities related to the planning process may include. The plan must be completed within one year of the grant award, unless an alternate deadline is agreed up by the Land Bank and the jurisdiction.

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In addition, the jurisdiction must submit supporting documentation for purposes of reimbursement. The Land Bank requires the hiring of a firm with professional planning credentials, if Planning Grant funds are used. Yes, you are limited to one grant award per year unless approved by the Board of Directors. The program is also is dependent upon the availability of funds.

Land banking supports community and economic development by strategically assembling and holding — tax-free — residential, commercial and industrial properties for future redevelopment.

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The property must be identified as part of a local redevelopment plan or similar effort. The local government must have a plan, memorandum of understanding with the Land Bank and a negotiated set of business terms for this fee-based program. The business terms, including fees, are negotiated and based upon the services provided to the property s. The Community Residential Rehab Loan Program provides loans exclusively to local governments that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Land Bank and their not-for-profit corporations.

It is not a consumer loan. The loan program is for distressed single-family homes that are part of a larger neighborhood redevelopment plan.

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It is intended to help local governments transform these properties to encourage further investment and revitalization throughout entire neighborhoods. Loans must be repaid within two years of the signing of the agreement, or upon transfer of the property to a buyer, whichever comes first. Not Finding What You Need? Let Us Help.

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Frequently Asked Questions. What is the history of the Montgomery County Land Bank? How is the Land Bank governed? The Ohio Revised Code establishes the composition of the board, stipulating the appointment of five, seven or nine members, including the following: County treasurer At least two of the members of the board of county commissioners One representative of the largest municipal corporation One representative of a township with a population of at least ten thousand in the unincorporated area of the township One individual with private sector or nonprofit experience in rehabilitation or real estate acquisitions.

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When will I receive the property deed? Is there a limit to the number of properties I may bid on through the program? How can I learn about new properties as they become available?

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Property qualifications for the Foreclosure Acquisition Program include Residential property of units. Please note, at this time, the Land Bank does not take applications for properties which are classified as condominiums. Taxes have been delinquent for at least one year. May I see the property before starting the Foreclosure Acquisition process? The property is delinquent more than a year and is vacant, but is not eligible for tax foreclosure.

What steps are involved in the Foreclosure Acquisition process? How long does the foreclosure process take? Are liens and encumbrances erased on Foreclosure Acquisition properties? Once I submit my application, am I guaranteed to get the property? If I am not able to acquire the property I applied for, is my application fee fully refunded? Are there any limitations for the final uses of the property I acquire? What is a reverter deed? Can I own the lot? How do you determine which houses are demolished?

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How can I purchase a lot that the Land Banks owns after the house has been demolished? What are the eligibility qualifications? In order to apply for a property through tax foreclosure, you must meet the following qualifications: You must live or own property in Ohio.

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The real estate taxes for any property you own must have been kept current during the past two years. In addition to real estate taxes, local, state, and federal taxes must be paid current. You cannot have lost title or had foreclosure actions filed against any property you own, or have been part of a bankruptcy case within the past two years. Any property you own cannot have code violations within the past two years, nor there a history of code violations on any properties you have previously owned. None of your properties can have a history of being a site for criminal activity.

Application for adjacent property owner must be in the same name as property owned. How do I get an application?